The Great Napkin Con Job

The nerve of these napkin people is out the door. 

You know why a napkin is folded over and over again?

Because it’s pure flimsy. Even doubled over, a napkin is basically air. 

Would be great if you could have a sturdy napkin, don’t you think? 

Well, I’ve got news for you. They have made a sturdy napkin. Why the napkin people are still in business is beyond me. 

What are these sturdy napkins called and where can you find them?

They’re called Paper Towels. 

And yeah, I really do think. 

4,387 napkins = 1 Paper Towel

Have you ever tried to sop up a big spill with some frail napkins? You might as well roll in whatever liquid mess with a long sleeve shirt. 

The brilliant thing the napkin folks have going for them is classiness. It’s so un-classy to have your silverware sitting on a big cushy Paper Towel. 

Pure brainwashing hypnosis. It’s utility you need, not classiness. 

The nerve of these napkin people. It’s time for Paper Towels to take their rightful throne. 

And if you’re tired of flimsy ideas that need to be folded over and over for any heft, then this ain’t the place for you. 

If you like thick ideas good at cleaning up pesky spills, then what’s on the other side of this link might be of interest. 


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