The Last Show

Starring BriBo & Jason
Join us on weekly adventures where we talk about how having a good life and investigate all the mysteries that pop up along the way.

The 7 Secrets of Project Managing Your Life//
After working on thousands of projects BriBo and Jason sit down to share some of the secrets they have learned in project management to get things done in real life.

  • The missing ingredient that you must include in any task or schedule
  • When everyone is relying on all the latest fads, techniques, tactics and strategies that usually don’t work in the end, there is one thing you can always rely on
  • One simple mindset tweak that will make all of your relationships better, whether it’s with your significant other or your landscaper or even at work
  • The basic principles behind slow productivity
  • If you’re having trouble getting your daily to do list done, try this simple tweak which practically guarantees you get everything done
  • Plus the Last Theory Theory, Why An OJ Simpson Deathbed Confession Might Not Be Convincing, Why You Should Always Use The BackHanded Wave and much much more.

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