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I’m proud to announce the Artificial Intelligence Book Test Series presale. We are also super-excited to be able to announce a special deal that offers The Mother Of All Book Tests in conjunction with the Artificial Intelligence Book Tests. If you don’t have the MOABT then this a good chance to pick it up and get AIBT for FREE! Read on to find out more.

The Artificial Intelligence Book Test Concept

A little bit about the books. They turn the idea of the book test on its head. In the first two books of the series, instead of someone going to a book and making a selection, the book itself tells them about themselves. The first one deals with astrological signs and the second one deals with a randomly selected card from a shuffled deck. Future editions will deal with the Which Hand plot, Any Card At Any Number, Drawing Duplications, will Cold Read the spectator, Card To Impossible Location, read fortunes of the spectator and more.

Artificial Intelligence Book #1 is I Know Your Sign. This is a horoscope reveal. Revealing someone’s horoscope is one of the most popular effects you can do in Mentalism today. But there is one drawback. If you know the person, then there is no trick. If you’ve met the person before, then you can’t do the trick. This is very limiting. Until now. This actually works in your favor.

The Book Does All The Work

Imagine you hand someone a book. Each page of the book has a question and depending on how they answer the question, they are directed to another page. The questions are silly and have nothing to do with when they are born or what their sign is.

They read the questions out loud and answer them, and the book tells them what page to turn to. On the last page, the book reveals that they are getting a good read on them and can reveal that their sign is Capricorn. No way!

Can Be Repeated With Different Results

You explain that the book is able to calculate someone’s astrological sign based on their preferences. You then hand the book to someone else and based on their different answers, the book is able to tell them they are a Libra.

The only caveat for this is that you will need to know the person’s sign ahead of time, but once you know the sign, the book does all the work. We go through how to get this information if you don’t have it (you can use our easy techniques or some of the popular techniques you may already know). It really does seem like the book is calculating their sign in real time.

If you already have a method for determining someone’s sign ahead of time, then this is unique way to reveal the information.

The Random Card Detection System

Artificial Intelligence Book #2 does something amazing. It tells a spectator what random card they have selected from a shuffled deck. Here’s what it looks like: A spectator shuffles a normal deck of cards. Then they deal out 10 cards facedown on the table. They pick any one (free choice) and put it in their pocket without looking at it. You then hand them a book and just like in the first book, it begins asking them questions about themselves. Then based on their answers, they turn to different pages. On the last page, the book tells them they have the 2 of Clubs in their pocket. They reach in and take out the 2 of Clubs!

This can be repeated with a different card!

The New Wave Of Book Tests

Inspired by an idea of Paul Harris and thrown in the blender with Choose Your Own Adventure books and the popular concept of online quizzesthat tell you about yourself, we have the Artificial Intelligence Book Test series. The book doesn’t act as a tool to select things, but rather reveals information about the spectator.

Focus On Audience Member

The thing I like about this is the spotlight is turned off the performer and directly on the spectator. The performance is really a non-performance, the spectator does all the work by giving answers to funny questions. The reveal at the end is just icing on the cake. The book does all the work so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride with the rest of the audience.

Endless Possibilities

The first two books work on the same principle, but as we began exploring this concept, multiple methods began to form and will be explored in future editions. In a way, just like Artificial Intelligence which keeps learning and self-adapting, so have these book tests. So keep an eye out for future work.

Limited-Time Pre-Order + MOABT

The Artificial Intelligence Book Tests will go on sale through your favorite dealer and is expected to ship in late January. Retail is $50 each book. Pre-order now and select from a few different options including getting the books completely free when you order MOABT.

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