The Last Show March 4, 2024

In this episode – //

  • The stunning fashion statement Jason’s coworker used to make on a daily basis. You’re free to steal this technique, if you so dare
  • Could this possibly be the last Last Show? You’ll find out.
  • The shocking reason why there is no mailbag this episode
  • A tribute to the late great Richard Lewis -Why you should write a book, no matter who you are or what you do?
  • Is Leap Year Lunar? Or something else? Lunar?
  • The difference in different thread/yarn based activities and what BriBo’s -wife is making that will be soon be available to listeners
  • The price of fabric and what it takes to make a pair of PJs
  • Diet and exercise secrets that are easy to implement and have the potential to change your life
  • The Aha Moment that took 3 years for Jason to realize -How BriBo averaged 27000 steps a day (yes, you read that right) and the impact on his health
  • The condiment you can find that is completely delicious and completely salt free
  • One important reason you may consider quitting coffee
  • Why hypochondriacs need to know before they get a calcium score
  • The only book you need to read to quit smoking
  • How to turn any meal, no matter how close to dirt it tastes, into the greatest meal you’ll ever eat
  • If you had to eat one kind of bread for the rest of your life, this is the Blue Zone approved bread and here is the one place to buy possibly the greatest bread on the planet (and did we mention Blue Zone approved)
  • The greatest life tip BriBo has ever imparted on the show and he can give it to you in two words (these two words confused Jason for a little bit but once he understood the wisdom of them, he was knocked over)
  • Thoughts on the Wonka debacle and why it needed more prep then a haunted house setup by high schoolers -The one thing that is never spread by humans, but should be – scientists take note please ….and believe it or not, much much more listening enjoyment

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