Searching For The Mythical Village of Little People Houses

I’d always heard about a village of little people houses somewhere in New Jersey. 

Late at night we’d drive around and try to find the community of extra small houses. 

We were disappointed by the neighborhood near Annie’s Grave. The houses were not small small. 

One time we found a very small house in a normal sized neighborhood of houses down by toward the shore. Someone explained it was a small house built for someone’s granddaughter. It was cool but not exactly what we were looking for. 

But still we’d hear rumors. There is a village of tiny houses near the George Washington Bridge. Or Ringling Brothers has a small community of little houses in Jefferson down a dirt road. 

Eventually, life got busy and our weird NJ Adventures came to an end. 


About 10 years ago, I was at work and somehow the topic came up. A woman I worked with had actually been to the village by the GW Bridge. We went on Google Maps and she pointed her finger on my screen to the exact location. I couldn’t believe it. 

The next day after work I aimed my GPS towards the spot. It was a small community of normal size houses but smallish roads. I slowly drove up and down each road looking for the legendary community. 

I was just about to give up when I saw it. A very small house that looked like it might be about to be demolished. Is this the last of the little houses near the GW Bridge?

You can see the difference in size between this house and the house behind it. I have no idea if it was demolished or is still there….if anyone knows would love to hear.  

The search for the Jefferson village continues, I believe that is where the famous Weird NJ b&w photo of the man standing in the doorway comes from. I have a pretty good idea where it is but it seems like it’s private property. If anyone has any info would love to hear it…..and the adventure continues.

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