When In Doubt Whip Out Ye Ole’Falcon And Shout

I regret to inform you, but the deadline for winning A Day of Falconry with RFK Jr. was December 31st, 2023 – //www.kennedy24.com/falcon-sweepstakes

Likely, you missed it.

You missed a chance to win a day hanging out with Robert F. Kennedy and his falcon.


Come again?

Say what?

That’s right. You missed a day to hang out and do some falconry. With RFK, Jr.

It’s a fundraiser for his presidential campaign.

Just a bunch of friends doing falcon-y things for an afternoon.

I like this because it is attention grabbing, but once the dust settles and you put your hat back on, you realize it’s a little tame.

I mean, if Joe Biden offered a morning of sloth petting, what exactly would you think?

If Donald Trump offered an evening of monkey wrastling, would you pay any mind?

It’s actually too tame.

It’s not far enough out there.

It’s not exaggerated enough.

I know he’s trying to “project” this Uber masculine brand. Falcons and push-ups.

But if I were advising him, I’d tell him to ditch the falcons. They have less personality than he does.

For sure, they’re strong and top of the food chain. They’re respected and regal.

But they’re also kind of boring.

If I were advising him, here’s what I’d tell him.

Bobert, you need to roll-up in a big shiny UFO.

Door opens and a ray of pristine white light beams down.

And you roll out, cowboy hat on, hanging off a growling Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Now that there is a fundraiser.

Blow the sloth and the monkeys out of the water.

Leave the falcon far behind.

You see, part of the problem these days with any politician is they aren’t far enough themselves.

Every move, every word, every piece of clothing is selected based on polling, based on what the people want.

Screw the people.

The people don’t know what they want till they get it.

And sometimes that thing is completely new, an idea so far out they never could’ve thought of it.

RFK is trying, with the falcon. But it’s a little out of touch.

And again, it’s boring.

You’d only be preaching to the falcon choir.

This is the perfect opportunity to make a big splash. Gain some attention. Turn some heads.

This just doesn’t work for politics. It works in business. It works in relationships. It works everywhere.

I’m not saying you need to be constantly waving your freak falcon around. But from time to time, letting people know who you really are, being memorably yourself is so much better than dropping a bunch of corporate speak or just telling people what they want to hear.

You become memorable not by trying to be memorable. You become memorable by being unabashedly yourself.

So drop out of the sky from a UAP into your next meeting and cut out early feed your T-Rex. Well, if that’s your thing.

If this kind of talk makes you queasy or scared of what people think, well then maybe you should head on over back to your falconry club and where you can act all falconry without fear of reprisal.

Everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming next. It ain’t falcons, I promise.

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