How To Be Invincible

The last two days, while feeding my daughter, I’ve been watching Invincible on Amazon Prime. I wanted to watch it in my home theater, on the big screen on my Oculus Quest 2, but couldn’t wait. 

I was a big fan of the comics. I remember reading through dozens of comics when it was slow at a previous job a long time ago. 

At one point, when the title character flew I thought to myself, I want super powers. When he called himself Invincible for the first time, I thought to myself that I wanted to be Invincible. 

Is it possible to be superhuman, to be Invincible? A lot of my life has circled around learning things like magic tricks, endurance stunts, meditation, memory techniques, breathing exercises, brain wave training, yoga etc. with the hopes that maybe I could have superpowers, become Invinicble. 

But maybe the secret is right there in the language? Be Invincible. Be Superhuman. 

What if you just declared you were Invincible? That you had Powers? I’m definitely not saying you would actually have those things, but you would come from a place where you felt like you did. And maybe that could open up new possibilities, new worlds different from coming from, for example, being fearful or being not enough. 

We don’t behave in accordance with reality. If we did there would never be any disagreements in the world. We’d all agree on everything and there would be only one or two books of agreed on information. We know this is not true. We respond to the stories we believe and make-up about the world. 

So, if you declare yourself Invincible how would that make you feel? It might make you feel Invincible! Watch out floors that need to be mopped and laundry that needs to be done! Ain’t nothing stopping me now. Just for chores alone, that declaration could change your entire experience of life. 

And if you declared it enough times, your life would begin to rearrange itself to support that declaration. And you would feel Invincible. Not like you should run into burning buildings or try to fly. But just like a place to come from. 

I believe that Superhero movies and tv shows are so popular because when we watch we get a sense of what it  feels like to have superpowers. To be Invincible. And I’m saying it doesn’t have to end when the movie is over. You can bring that out into the world. 

You might not be able to fly, but it might give you the push to do a few more push-ups than you’d normally do. Or walk an extra block with the dog. If you had to pick a story to react to, being Invincible isn’t the worst choice. 

And the show is pretty good too. 

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